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AT suffix is not processed caused DST conversion error


ZoneInfo does not process AT field suffix. and this causes cutover time is not correct in many countries.

I can see the authur didn't understand what those suffix are from code comments.

Here is a descripption from zic.8.txt:
   AT      Gives the time of day at which the rule takes effect.
           Recognized forms include:

                2        time in hours
                2:00     time in hours and minutes
                15:00    24-hour format time (for times after noon)
                1:28:14  time in hours, minutes, and seconds
                -        equivalent to 0

           where hour 0 is midnight at the start of the day, and hour 24
           is midnight at the end of the day.  Any of these forms may be
           followed by the letter w if the given time is local "wall
           clock" time, s if the given time is local "standard" time, or u
           (or g or z) if the given time is universal time; in the absence
           of an indicator, wall clock time is assumed.


markjrodrigues wrote Jan 16, 2014 at 10:19 PM

Thanks flywhc. If you have a patch please submit and we will incorporate the fix in.